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Assumptions are the termites of relationships.
We like to communicate instead.

Have you ever felt like

You are getting tired of your project development being dragged on to no end?

You started an endless money pit instead of a successful project?

Every standup is a struggle for information that ends in empty promises?

And now, to be able to understand what the dev team is serving you, you need to hire a CTO instead of building your sales team?

  • Working with developers has its challenges.
  • Working with a remote team adds a substantial amount of problems to the pile.
  • Poor English speakers, introverts, juniors disguised as seniors, drama queens, and insecure people, but most often you’ll meet the "happy-go-lucky" bunch that can do anything at any time.
  • The “no problem” devs. At least until the first milestone.
  • They feed you hope and promises and make you think everything just perfect!
  • By the time you realize that nothing is what it seems you’re probably neck deep in problems trying to salvage anything you can and meet at least one deadline while contemplating is it all worth it.
  • By this time you invested a substantial amount of money and time and you see no point in changing teams or sometimes even continuing with the project.

Can things be different?

Can development process be actually fun and productive?


  • clear, straight-forward process
  • open communication
  • transparent development
  • tangible
  • frequent results
  • availability
  • precision and a strong focus
  • a dev team that shares your goals!

Don't hesitate

Dev teams all look the same.
The difference is in results.

Building an app is like traveling on a twisty road full of potholes. Missed deadlines, misunderstandings, and feature creep are few of the things you have to watch for. Is it even possible to get your project delivered on time without micromanaging every aspect of it?


Imagine smooth development. What if you could focus on your audience instead of drowning in endless email threads? Do you want to drive your project to success with an expert team that communicates efficiently?


We build products that generate user satisfaction. Whether your project will be used internally or by millions of users we will build you a timely, finely-crafted solution.

Five steps to a success story.

Our process allows you to stay on top of things while allowing us to deliver you a product that is built from the deep understanding of the problem you’re solving.



Before building your product, we need to have a deep understanding of the problem we’re solving. The specification document is the key deliverable of this phase.



The best way to validate our understanding is to build the simplest possible thing that looks and feels like your product. Although your first instinct might tell you that building a prototype is a waste of time, the truth is that you will end up building a prototype anyway. The only question is how much time and money you'll spend on it.


Development & Testing

Requirements are divided into smaller modules and actual coding starts. This phase takes the longest to complete. The developed code is tested against the specification document from the first phase to make sure the product solves the specified problems. Both functional and non-functional testing is done in this phase.



Upon successful testing, the project is delivered to the customer, ready for the users to consume and enjoy.


Let’s start building your success story

Meet the team with the skills you need.

Veljko Dragšić

Boss, Miser

Primarly Ruby and Javascript, but equally bad in Python. Also, wine, whining and postmodern art.

Mihael Konjević

Technologist & Strongman

Recovering JS user. Currently enjoying Clojurescript. Keechma framework author. Deadlift PR — 485 lbs.

Nikica Jokić

Bosnian history buff

Formerly Ruby, now Elixir. Wannabe Rustacean and a language designer. Practitioner of the Wim Hof method.

Danijel K. Latin

Vaper extraordinaire

Managing projects and marketing. Spammer. Vape chemist. Father and cat herder.

Tibor Kranjčec

Resident hipster

Climbing, cooking and Clojurescript. Woodknocker (lumberjack?). Number 1. beard in the office.

Stanko Krtalić Rusendić

Scandinavian & Rustacean

"Lets dockerize this Rust compiler so we can cross compile for Arduino". Average happiness Level: 5/10.

Marko Požega

BJJ medal collector

Formerly PHP & Python, now Elixir. Recent catchphrase - "Why do things have to be this complicated?!"

Dario Poljak

Coffeeholic and Insomniac

Part time PhD student, part time Clojurian and full time cynic.

Neven Falica

UX, frontend, DBs, full-stack JS

Developer by trade, photographer by choice, even shoots film for fun. Uses Linux on desktop, too.

Miro Ćosić

Ex drummer, now scuba diver

Front-end dev, trying to make sense of JS ecosystem. Favourite quote: "Specialization is for insects".

Arijan Beriša

The office nice guy

Apprentice alchemist and floor scrubber, also a recent addition to the "bearded hipsters in plaid" department.

Team with world wide experience

We’ve worked with teams and companies all around the globe.
From San Francisco, Boston, New York and Chicago to Amsterdam and Stockholm.

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Recent blog entries

Inline validation in forms — designing the experience

After having released my own form validations library, I couldn’t stop asking myself one thing: What is the best user experience when it comes to displaying the inline validation errors?

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Celluloid internals: Proxy and Call objects

Actor model is a system inside of which computation is done only by sending messages. This is an ideal abstraction. Actual implementations of this model rarely limit themselves to doing computation only in this way. This is also the case with Celluloid.

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Our community commitment.

Giving back to the communities that helped us become a successful team is absolutely paramount to us. We find knowledge sharing and helping young aspiring developers vital to the scene and to our own prosperity.

We know sh*t you didn’t know exist

We are not defined by the tools we use.
We are defined by the way we think, act and what we have achieved.

Tech stack



You can love it or hate it but it is the language of the web. One of our foundational languages since we write it both on the frontend and the backend (Node.js).



Tried and true, but also beautiful, expressive and a joy to work with. We mostly use "because Rails", but we've also built stuff using Celluloid, Webmachine etc.



Like Ruby, but better in every way, Elixir runs on top of the Erlang VM which gives it super powers. There's also the Phoenix framework which is similar to Rails, but without the sucky parts.

ClojureScript / Keechma

ClojureScript / Keechma

If Javascript is the disease, ClojureScript is the cure. It's a Lisp that compiles to Javascript. We even built our own frontend framework (Keechma) in it. We're neckbeards, we know.

React / React Native

React / React Native

Almost every UI we build is built on top of React, both for browsers (React) and for mobile devices (React Native). It is our firm opinion that React is one the finest UI libraries ever written.

PostgreSQL + Redis

PostgreSQL + Redis

PostgreSQL and Redis are the foundation on top of which we build most of our apps. Both are stable, elegant, fast and can be deployed almost anywhere. A developer can ask for nothing more.

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